Robots attendee list

Robots attendee list


As you know, the idea is to get as many robots under one roof as possible.

Unlike the amount of carbon-based attendees, the amount of robots at Brussels Girl Geek Dinner 3 is unlimited.

We are also looking for a location with a many WiFi connections as possible, so the bots can befriend each other.


If you bring yours along, please add it to the list.


  1. Babynox (Nabaztag, Clo Willaerts)
  2. Saartje (Nabaztag, Bart Goossens)
  3. Netlash (Nabaztag) + Smaug (Pleo, Gudrun Rombaut)
  4. Trixy (Nabaztag, Ann Laenen) + Skolgen (Nabaztag, Stefan Kolgen)
  5. Ekmi (Nabaztag, Imke Dielen) + trouwpartner ;) (Nabaztag)
  6. I-Beau (Aibo, Bart Claeys) + pink ball
  7. Colgativor (Nabaztag, Baudouin)
  8. Motherbot (Flipbot, Uw Moeder)
  9. Woz (Nabaztag/tag, ApplefanBE)



Reserves List


1. Furbs (Furby - Kathleen Verhetsel)